Fundraising will enable us to build St Patrick’s Mission Hospital and we need you to help. You can participate in one of our events, host your own event or complete an individual fundraiser.  Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that your efforts will change the lives of countless people in Salem, India.

Fundraising Ideas – that an individual could do

Sponsored events – marathon – run – 24hour fast – cycle – walk – shave – dye your hair purple etc

Organise a competition with prizes – golf – football – crazy races etc

Give up – a weekly luxury – something of value in Lent

Host events – dinners – coffee mornings – afternoon tea – a pamper party

Collect all your lose change in a jar

Fundraising Ideas – that a group could do

Fashion show, Weekly Lunch Club, Quiz Night, Talent Show, Concert, Fayre, Car Treasure Hunt, Dance, Harvest Supper, Cake Sale, Swishing (entrance fee to a clothes swapping event), Come Dine with Me.

 If you’re planning to fundraise let us know using the form below, as we may be able to assist you with ideas and practical help.