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Accident & Emergency Care


Appendicitis is a medical emergency where surgery is mandatory as soon as possible. As it is an emergency, we rush the children to the hospital.

Children who underwent appendicectomy showing their scar
Children who underwent appendicectomy showing their scar

Broken Bones

With children being children, there are always scrapes and broken bones that need tending to. These children are taken to the orthopedician, where X-rays are taken and necessary treatment given.

Iyyanar with his broken arm and a wide smile
Iyyanar with his broken arm and a wide smile

Health Checks


Children with vision problems such as long/short sightedness are checked at the House of Peace and taken to the Ophthalmologist for check up.

ENT Care

Children with Ear, Nose and Throat problems are taken to an ENT specialist in Salem city and operations or treatment such as tonsillectomy are performed.


All of the children undergo a routine dental check-up every six months by the medical team. Extraction, filling, root canal treatment and other dental procedures are then performed by a qualified dentist in Salem city if needed.

Eye test
An eye test being carried out at the Promised Land orphanage.



Worm infestation is very common among children in developing countries. All the children at the House of Peace, Promised Land, Mission Centre & Eden Garden are dewormed every six months.

Children waiting to receive their tablet
Children waiting to receive their tablet

Multi-vitamin Tablets

Thanks to the Irish team, we are able to provide Multi-vitamin tablets for the children daily for two months upon arrival. As our children come from very poor backgrounds, many hardly had one meal a day so are malnourished and anaemic. Thus the multi-vitamin tablets boost their at promised land

Prevention is better than cure

In 2007 a vaccination programme was launched at the House of Peace. This continues today and thanks to the Irish and US supporters all newly admitted children are vaccinated as they are admitted. We are proud to say that the House of Peace orphanage is the only orphanage where all children are vaccinated. The children are vaccinated against HIB, Hepatitis-B, Typhoid, MMR, and OPD.Children sitting in line

Health Education

Always a Warm Welcome

Educating the children regarding their health is very important. The medical team gives health education to the children every month. They educate the children on personal hygiene, hand washing, cutting of nails, combing of hair for lice, brushing, bathing and toilet hygiene.

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